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With their high energy approach to traditional American songs and dance music, Interstate Express combines a love of old stories with a passion for the joy of a fiddle tune that drives like a Mercedes on the open road.


The music that developed in America is as diverse as the people who brought it there, from fast banjo and fiddle tunes and early country songs to blues and ballads, this trio plays it all and are as comfortable on a festival stage as a sweaty bar.

The band was formed on a long drive from Tennessee to New Orleans and is the newest project of fiddler and singer Craig Judelman, who has learned from and performed with some of the great traditional musicians of the last generations. Currently based in Berlin, he is bringing this legacy to European audiences, telling stories and sharing his American culture that goes much deeper than fast food and baseball.

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Wanna learn some of our favourite tunes? All of the band members teach, and are available for online video lessons. Just drop us a line.


Plus, our fiddler Craig Judelman has teamed up with Old Time Central to provide free lesson videos, find them at:

This is also a great resource for information about festivals, as well as interviews with contemporary musicians in the scene, and much more.


Check it out!

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